Wed 19th May 3.30pmCymbelineWed 19th May 7.30pmCymbelineThu 20th May 8pmA Lark In The ParkFri 21st May 6.30pmStand-Up Under The StarsFri 21st May 8.30pmStand-Up Under The StarsSat 22nd May 2pmThe MinotaurSat 22nd May 7pmThe MinotaurSun 23rd May 1pmOh Mary!Sun 23rd May 4.30pmOh Mary!Wed 26th May 7pmThe Lady In The VanThu 27th May 2pmThe Lady In The VanThu 27th May 7pmThe Lady In The VanFri 28th May 7pmThe Lady In The VanSat 29th May 2pmThe Lady In The VanSat 29th May 7pmThe Lady In The VanSun 30th May 1pmPandoraSun 30th May 4.30pmPandoraWed 2nd June 2pmBlithe SpiritWed 2nd June 7pmBlithe SpiritThu 3rd June 2pmThe Further Adventures of Doctor DolittleThu 3rd June 7pmThe Further Adventures of Doctor DolittleFri 4th June 7pmMr StinkSat 5th June 2pmMr StinkSat 5th June 7pmMr StinkSun 6th June 2pmMr StinkWed 9th June 2pmThe Government InspectorWed 9th June 7pmThe Government InspectorThu 10th June 7pmLord GodFri 11th June 6.30pmStephen K Amos, Michael Fabbri, Maisie Adam & Stephen GrantFri 11th June 8.45pmStephen K Amos, Michael Fabbri, Maisie Adam & Stephen GrantFri 11th June 6.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 11th June 8.45pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 12th June 1pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 12th June 3.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 12th June 6pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 12th June 8.45pmSummer Comedy FestivalSun 13th June 2pmSummer Comedy FestivalSun 13th June 4.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 18th June 6.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 18th June 8.45pmSummer Comedy FestivalWed 23rd June 6.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalWed 23rd June 8.45pmSummer Comedy FestivalThu 24th June 6.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalThu 24th June 8.45pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 25th June 6.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 25th June 8.45pmSummer Comedy FestivalSun 27th June 2pmSummer Comedy FestivalSun 27th June 4.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 12th June 3.30pmRussell Howard and Friends – New Material Stand Up ShowSat 12th June 1pmSara PascoeSat 12th June 6.30pmMarcus Brigstocke, Ninia Benjamin, Geoff Norcott & Stephen GrantSat 12th June 8.45pmMarcus Brigstocke, Ninia Benjamin, Geoff Norcott & Stephen GrantWed 16th June 2pmPride and PrejudiceWed 16th June 7pmPride and PrejudiceThu 17th June 7pmThe BenchSat 19th June 12.30pmThe Ugly DucklingSat 19th June 3.30pmThe Ugly DucklingSun 20th June 2pmRichard Durrant: Music For MidsummerWed 23rd June 8.45pmSeann Walsh: Back From The BedWed 23rd June 6.30pmStephen K Amos: Before and LaughterThu 24th June 8.45pmZoe LyonsThu 24th June 6.30pmStephen Grant: AmusingsFri 25th June 6.30pmMark Nelson, Jen Brister & Stephen GrantFri 25th June 8.45pmMark Nelson, Jen Brister & Stephen GrantSat 26th June 2pmThe Noise Next Door: Run Wild! (Family Show)Sat 26th June 7pmThe Noise Next Door: Back In Business (Adult Show)Sun 27th June 4.30pmMark Steel, Elliot Steel & Stephen GrantWed 30th June 7pmEstellaThu 1st July 7pmDon’t Dress For DinnerFri 2nd July 7pmDon’t Dress For DinnerSat 3rd July 2pmDon’t Dress For DinnerSat 3rd July 7pmDon’t Dress For DinnerSun 4th July 2pmAn Afternoon With Joe StilgoeWed 7th July 7pmA Midsummer Night’s DreamThu 8th July 2pmA Midsummer Night’s DreamThu 8th July 7pmA Midsummer Night’s DreamFri 9th July 7pmA Midsummer Night’s DreamSat 10th July 2pmA Midsummer Night’s DreamSat 10th July 7pmA Midsummer Night’s DreamSun 11th July 11amHorrible Histories Live: Gorgeous Georgians and Vile VictoriansSun 11th July 2pmHorrible Histories Live: Gorgeous Georgians and Vile VictoriansWed 14th July 2pmRomeo and JulietWed 14th July 7pmRomeo and JulietThu 15th July 7pmRomeo and JulietFri 16th July 7pmRomeo and JulietSat 17th July 2pmRomeo and JulietSat 17th July 7pmRomeo and JulietSun 18th July 1pmThe Secret GardenSun 18th July 4pmThe Secret GardenWed 21st July 7pmDraculaThu 22nd July 7pmDraculaFri 23rd July 7pmDraculaSat 24th July 2pmDraculaSat 24th July 7pmDraculaSun 25th July 2pmWonders With GrimmWed 28th July 2pmThe Three MusketeersWed 28th July 7pmThe Three MusketeersThu 29th July 7pmHMS PinaforeFri 30th July 7pmThe Comedy Of ErrorsSat 31st July 2pmThe Comedy Of ErrorsSat 31st July 7pmThe Comedy Of ErrorsSun 1st August 2pmShe Stoops To ConquerMon 2nd August 2pmBeauty and the BeastMon 2nd August 7pmBeauty and the BeastTue 3rd August 2pmBeauty and the BeastTue 3rd August 7pmBeauty and the BeastWed 4th August 2pmThe Jungle BookWed 4th August 7pmThe Jungle BookThu 5th August 7pmA MomentFri 6th August 2pmThe Importance Of Being EarnestFri 6th August 7pmThe Importance Of Being EarnestSat 7th August 2pmSing-A-Long-A-Drag QueenSat 7th August 7pmDrag In The ParkSun 8th August 11amLittle Red and the Big Bad WolfSun 8th August 2pmLittle Red and the Big Bad WolfWed 11th August 6pmThe TwitsThu 12th August 2pmThe TwitsThu 12th August 6pmThe TwitsFri 13th August 2pmThe TwitsFri 13th August 6pmThe TwitsSat 14th August 2pmThe TwitsSat 14th August 6pmThe TwitsSun 15th August 11amThe Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin BunnySun 15th August 2.30pmThe Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin BunnyThu 19th August 7pmAntigoneSat 21st August 2pmAs You Like ItSat 21st August 7pmAs You Like ItSun 22nd August 12.15MacbethSun 22nd August 4.30pmMacbethWed 25th August 2pmTreasure IslandWed 25th August 7pmTreasure IslandThu 26th August 7pmJane EyreSat 28th August 2pmThe TempestSat 28th August 7pmThe TempestSun 29th August 2pmThe Secret GardenWed 1st September 7pmThe Great GatsbyThu 2nd September 7pmThe Great GatsbyFri 3rd September 7pmTerry Deary’s Twisted TalesSat 4th September 2pmGilbert & Sullivan FestivalSat 4th September 7pmGilbert & Sullivan FestivalSun 5th September 11amGilbert & Sullivan FestivalSun 5th September 3pmGilbert & Sullivan FestivalWed 8th September 7pmJulius CaesarThu 9th September 7pmJulius CaesarFri 10th September 7pmJulius CaesarSat 11th September 2pmJulius CaesarSat 11th September 7pmJulius CaesarSun 12th September 2pmThe Hound of the BaskervillesWed 15th September 7pmRichard IIThu 16th September 7pmRichard IIFri 17th September 7pmRichard IISat 18th September 2pmRichard IISat 18th September 7pmRichard IISun 19th September 2pmLegends of SwingWed 22nd September 7pmIn Between SpacesThu 23rd September 7pmOpen Air Cinema – GladiatorFri 24th September 7pmThe Alter EaglesSat 25th September 2pmJekyll and HydeSat 25th September 7pmJekyll and HydeSun 26th September 2pmBrighton Beach Boys