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Time And Time Again

Wednesday 8th July
Thursday 9th July
Friday 10th July
Saturday 11th July


By Alan Ayckbourn

Returning from a family funeral, Graham and Anna, together with Anna’s brother Leonard, are joined for tea by Peter and his attractive fiancée, Joan – at whom Graham makes a lecherous lunge. This is observed by Leonard as he sits outside in the garden, quoting poetry, discussing life with the garden gnome, and reflecting upon the rituals of football and cricket which are enacted on the recreation grounds, just beyond the garden.

Peter encourages Leonard into these rituals, while Leonard concentrates on wooing Joan, at which he is manifestly more adept. By the onset of the football season, Joan is all set to marry Leonard, but has neglected to inform Peter, her hopeless fiancé, that he has been supplanted in her affections.

Recalling Graham’s earlier advances towards Joan, however, Peter misreads the situation and launches into a violent attack upon Graham. What follows is a riotous story of crossed wires, lovers cavorting around the garden with midnight meetings and undying pledges of love and couples dancing semi-clad in the goldfish pond – all with hilarious consequences.


Full Price £15

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Family £40

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Wed 8th July6pm7pm

Thu 9th July6pm7pm

Fri 10th July6pm7pm

Sat 11th July1pm2pm

Sat 11th July6pm7pm