Identity Theatre presents


Wednesday 15th July
Thursday 16th July
Friday 17th July
Saturday 18th July


With a script by acclaimed poet and playwright Liz Lochhead, Identity Theatre return to the BOAT once again, following Blue Remembered Hills, The Crucible and Wuthering Heights. 
With their usual site-specific and physical approach, Identity are presenting this Victorian Gothic masterpiece with full respect for the original nightmare creation. The many variations on vampire legend – some existing before Stoker put pen to paper, and more coming from the thousands of films and books since – have all cemented themselves into the “legend” of Dracula and vampirism. With shades of fairy tale and folk legend, this beautiful adaptation reflects aspects often missed in contemporary reworkings – the underlying sensuality and sheer abandon buried but very much alive in the original text… 
Remember, “first of all, you have to invite him in”… 
The production will contain some stage blood, some screaming, and is not recommended for under-10s. 


Full Price £12

Concession £10



Wed 15th July6pm7pm

Thu 16th July6pm7pm

Fri 17th July6pm7pm

Sat 18th July6pm7pm