Wild Geese Theatre Company presents

The Green Knight

Sunday 17th July


The Green Knight is a fun, imaginative take on the Arthurian poem written around 1400AD.

The play follows the young Gawain as he journeys across Ancient Britain in search of the greatest sword-master of all time – Sir Bredbeddle, The Green Knight. Once found, The Green Knight acts as a mentor to Gawain, helping him on his quests, and supporting him through difficult challenges as he tries to prove himself worthy of becoming one of the Knights of the Round Table. This story is about how we learn from one another and the bonds we forge when we work together and never give up. 

Wild Geese’s work is interactive and immersive, with moments in the show where all the audience can get involved. Wild Geese put young people in the driver’s seat and provide a platform for them to experience theatre whilst engaging creatively with it at the same time. Music is integral, with modern electronic scores combined with medieval instrumentals.


Run time: 75 minutes

Age recommendation: 5+


Full Price £12

Concession £10

Family £35



Sun 17th July1pm2pm