Illyria presents

The Gondoliers

Sunday 4th August


Set in picturesque Venice, this light-hearted Gilbert & Sullivan operetta will whisk you away to a world of blissful romance, barbed satire and comedic chaos.

Two charming gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe, suddenly find themselves elevated to the status of royalty. Each tasked with choosing their Queen from a bevy of beautifulwomen, hilarity ensues when the rightful Queen arrives demanding to know which of the men is her husband. As the plot thickens and the absurdity reaches its peak, love triumphs, and the gondoliers discover that happiness lies not in noble titles but in the simplicity of true love. 

The witty lyrics of Gilbert and catchy melodies of Sullivan are expertly brought to life by Illyria, who have been captivating audiences all over the world for more than thirty years. The Gondoliers promises an enchanting evening of laughter, music, and will leave you with a song in your heart. 

Length: 150 minutes
Interval: Yes
Age: 8+


Full Price £18

Concession £16

Group of 4 £64



Sun 4th August2.30pm3.30pm