Richard Durrant presents

Richard Durrant: Music For Midsummer

Wednesday 21st June


This is a special homecoming gig for the Brighton-born musician, who will be joined by his band The Burning Deck. A perfect way to celebrate the Summer Solstice, this is wonderful, acoustic music, played in venues the length of the British Isles, carried along on a bicycle.   

Guitar virtuoso and composer Richard Durrant studied at the Royal College of Music, but the unexpected twists and turns of his musical choices and the sheer emotional depth of his playing set him apart. Connection with the land is central to Richard’s recent work including his last three acclaimed albums Stringhenge, Rewilding and The Sleep of a King. His tours and album releases are planned around the Solstices and Equinoxes. 

Durrant’s bicycle stands next to him onstage at each concert, its lights illuminating his performance.  His idea of “Cycling Music” was motivated by the effect on the environment of a lifetime playing concerts: Richard travelled an average of 35,000 carbon heavy miles each year leading up to his first Cycling Music tour in 2014.

Durrant says:  “These concerts might remind people how remarkable a bicycle is. If you’re able to ride and lucky enough to own a bike, then you’ll be saving money and probably feeling healthier.  Most importantly pushing the pedals round will help protect the natural environment.” 

My new favourite guitarist…Richard Durrant sits completely outside the accepted genres.  He has a peculiar and wonderful mind.  Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

Age All ages
Run time 110 minutes


Full Price £18

Concession £15

Group of 4 £60



Wed 21st June6pm7pm