Heartbreak Productions presents

Mr Stink

Friday 4th June
Saturday 5th June
Sunday 6th June


You’re invited to celebrate Annabelle’s 10th birthday, hosted by everyone’s favourite MP candidate, Janet Crumb! (Almost) everyone is welcome… that is, everyone apart from Chloe’s particularly smelly new friend, Mr Stink.

One perfectly normal afternoon in an average English town two restless souls unite on a park bench – one of them the lonely 12 year old Chloe Crumb and the other an incredibly smelly homeless man. Oh, and let’s not forget his loyal dog, the Duchess. Chloe’s curiosity and kindness pave the way for this extraordinary and rewarding friendship that takes them to the heady heights of live television and Downing Street via a garden shed.  

Join Heartbreak Productions for David Walliams’ best-seller Mr Stink on the outdoor stage. Packed with fun, humour and a heart-warming message, this touching tale provides the perfect family entertainment. 


Run time: 140 mins
Interval: Yes
Trigger warnings: None
Age recommendation: 7+

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Twitter: @OutdoorPlaysUK
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Website: heartbreakproductions.co.uk


Full Price £18

Concession £16

Family £55



Fri 4th June6pm7pm

Sat 5th June1pm2pm

Sat 5th June6pm7pm

Sun 6th June1pm2pm