sarahmanncompany presents

Abigail’s Party

Wednesday 12th August
Thursday 13th August
Friday 14th August
Tuesday 18th August
Wednesday 19th August
Thursday 20th August
Friday 21st August
Saturday 22nd August


“Like a little Bacardi to go with it, Tone?”

We are invited to Abigail’s Party where we can all dance under the stars to the music of Donna Summer, Demis Roussos and Jose Feliciano! Eavesdrop on Beverly’s bullying brashness, be aghast at Laurence’s casual racism and sexism, and recoil from Tony’s violent, coercive control of Angela. Bring your mask and picnic to Beverly’s garden and enjoy hilarious one-liners, a Bacardi and Coke and laugh at the aspirations of the emerging middle class in Britain in the late 1970’s.

The play is being responsibly rehearsed and performed due to Covid-19. Bring your socially distanced picnic and enjoy live theatre for the first time since lockdown!

“I’d like to sellotape your mouth”

Cheeky Cheesy Pineapples for Charity – prepared and served in full PPE!

These will be available on the night for your delectation with proceeds to:

Brighton charity RISE – Freedom from Domestic Abuse & Violence



Full Price £15

Concession £12

Group (10+) £10



Wed 12th August5.30pm6.30pm

Thu 13th August1pm2pm

Thu 13th August5.30pm6.30pm

Fri 14th August5.30pm6.30pm

Tue 18th August5.30pm6.30pm

Wed 19th August5.30pm6.30pm

Thu 20th August1pm2pm

Thu 20th August5.30pm6.30pm

Fri 21st August5.30pm6.30pm

Sat 22nd August1pm2pm

Sat 22nd August5.30pm6.30pm