Fri 3rd May 7pmKemble’s RiotSat 4th May 2pmKemble’s RiotSat 4th May 7pmKemble’s RiotSun 5th May 2pmKemble’s RiotMon 6th May 2pmThe Wonderful Wizard Of OzThu 9th May 7pmThe BenchFri 10th May 7pmSuspiciously Elvis Goes PopSat 11th May 2pmLocomotive For Murder: The Improvised WhodunnitSat 11th May 7pmLocomotive For Murder: The Improvised WhodunnitSun 12th May 11amGoldilocksSun 12th May 2pmGoldilocksTue 14th May 2pmDNATue 14th May 7pmDNAWed 15th May 7pmBlue Blood, or, How To Kill Your Way To The TopThu 16th May 7pmGays & DollsSat 18th May 11amThe Puppet Van: The Lost ColourSat 18th May 7pmOh What A Night!Sun 19th May 2pmImpromptu ShakespeareMon 20th May 7pmHomesteadTue 21st May 7pmHomesteadWed 22nd May 7pmHomesteadSat 25th May 1pmHomesteadThu 23rd May 6.30pmLove Labours WonFri 24th May 6.30pmLove Labours WonSat 25th May 6.30pmLove Labours WonThu 23rd May 8pmSweet Love AdieuFri 24th May 8pmSweet Love AdieuSat 25th May 8pmSweet Love AdieuSun 26th May 2pmOne-Man 80sMon 27th May 2pmTag Teams & TearawaysWed 29th May 7pmOpen-Air Poetry SlamThu 30th May 7pmIdle WomenFri 31st May 7pmDrag In The Park – MayFri 31st May 11amTeddy Bear’s PicnicSat 1st June 7.30pmThe Funky Motown Soul ShowSat 1st June 12.30pmThe Secret Diary of Henry VIIISun 2nd June 2pmEmotion In MotionThu 6th June 2pmAs You Like ItThu 6th June 7pmAs You Like ItFri 7th June 7pmAs You Like ItSat 8th June 2pmAs You Like ItSat 8th June 7pmAs You Like ItSun 9th June 2pmThe Sound of The ShadowsMon 10th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy Festival: Maisie Adam, Ian Stone & Stephen GrantMon 10th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalTue 11th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalWed 12th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalThu 13th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 14th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 15th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalSun 16th June 1.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalSun 16th June 4pmSummer Comedy FestivalFri 23rd August 7pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 21st September 4.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalSat 21st September 7.30pmSummer Comedy FestivalTue 11th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy Festival: Jeff Innocent, Kane Brown & Stephen GrantWed 12th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy Festival: Milton Jones, Suzi Ruffell, & Stephen GrantThu 13th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy Festival: Jen Brister, Scott Bennett & Stephen GrantFri 14th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy Festival: Zoe Lyons, Paul Sinha & Stephen GrantSat 15th June 7.30pmSummer Comedy Festival: Fin Taylor, Larry Dean & Stephen GrantSun 16th June 4pmSummer Comedy Festival: Sara Pascoe, Marcus Brigstocke & Stephen GrantSun 16th June 1.30pmOlaf Falafel’s Stupidest Super Stupid Show (Yet)Wed 19th June 7pmThe Vicar Of DibleyThu 20th June 7pmThe Vicar Of DibleyFri 21st June 7pmThe Vicar Of DibleySat 22nd June 2pmThe Vicar Of DibleySat 22nd June 7pmThe Vicar Of DibleySun 23rd June 2pmRichard Durrant: Music For MidsummerWed 26th June 7pmSherlock & Watson: A Murder in the GardenThu 27th June 7pmThe Sopranos: Top Cs and TantrumsFri 28th June 7pmThe Sounds Of MarleySat 29th June 7pmDrag In The Park – JuneSat 29th June 11amHorrible Histories: Rotten RoyalsSat 29th June 2pmHorrible Histories: Rotten RoyalsSun 30th June 1pmHorrible Histories: Rotten RoyalsSun 30th June 4pmHorrible Histories: Rotten RoyalsWed 3rd July 7pmBrief EncounterThu 4th July 7pmBrief EncounterFri 5th July 7pmBrief EncounterSat 6th July 2pmBrief EncounterSat 6th July 7pmBrief EncounterSun 7th July 2pmSimon & Garfunkel Through The YearsThu 11th July 7pmThe Count Of Monte CristoFri 12th July 7pmThe Count Of Monte CristoSat 13th July 2pmThe Count Of Monte CristoSat 13th July 7pmThe Count Of Monte CristoSun 14th July 2pmKite TalesWed 17th July 7pmTiny ViolinsThu 18th July 7pmJulius CaesarFri 19th July 7pmJulius CaesarSat 20th July 2pmJulius CaesarSat 20th July 7pmJulius CaesarSun 21st July 1pmOld School Block PartyWed 24th July 7pmPresent LaughterThu 25th July 7pmPresent LaughterFri 26th July 2pmPresent LaughterFri 26th July 7pmHenry VSat 27th July 7pmFreewheelingSat 27th July 2pmThe Adventure Academy … For Adventurers!Sun 28th July 2pmSouth Coast Soul RevueTue 30th July 2pmThe Little MermaidWed 31st July 2pmThe Little MermaidThu 1st August 2pmThe Little MermaidThu 1st August 7pmThe Importance Of Being EarnestFri 2nd August 2pmDrag In The Park For FamiliesFri 2nd August 7pmDrag In The Park: Pride EditionSat 3rd August 7pmA Spectacular Night Of QueenFri 13th September 7pmA Spectacular Night Of QueenSun 4th August 3.30pmThe GondoliersWed 7th August 7pmOliver TwistThu 8th August 7pmOliver TwistFri 9th August 7pmOliver TwistSat 10th August 2pmOliver TwistSat 10th August 7pmOliver TwistSun 11th August 2pmThe Carpenters ExperienceTue 13th August 7pmJeeves and WoosterWed 14th August 7pmJeeves and WoosterThu 15th August 7pmJeeves and WoosterWed 14th August 11amThe Tale of Jemima Puddle-DuckThu 15th August 11amThe Tale of Jemima Puddle-DuckFri 16th August 11amThe Tale of Jemima Puddle-DuckFri 16th August 7pmThe 70s Soul ShowSat 17th August 7pmJolene: The Dolly Parton ExperienceTue 20th August 7pmHomesteadThu 22nd August 7pmHomesteadWed 21st August 2pmTreasure IslandWed 21st August 7pmAn Ideal HusbandFri 23rd August 7pmThanyia Moore, Josh Pugh & Gary DelaneySat 24th August 7pmJimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced?Sun 25th August 2pmThe Guy In The Luggage RackMon 26th August 2pmCavern To ImagineWed 28th August 7pmLittle WomenThu 29th August 2pmAngelica Sprocket’s PocketsFri 30th August 7pmThe Alter EaglesSat 31st August 2pmGreat ExpectationsSat 31st August 7pmGreat ExpectationsSun 1st September 2pmSummertime BrawlWed 4th September 7pmThirteenth Night: Malvolio’s RevengeThu 5th September 7pmThe Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeFri 6th September 7pmDrag In The Park – SeptemberSat 7th September 2pmPeter PanSat 7th September 7pmPeter PanSun 8th September 2pmA Century Of SwingWed 11th September 7pmThe Comedy Of ErrorsThu 12th September 7pmThe Improvised Shakespeare ShowSat 3rd August 7pmA Spectacular Night Of QueenFri 13th September 7pmA Spectacular Night Of QueenSat 14th September 11amThe Puppet Van: Space ChickensSat 14th September 7pmA Night To Remember: Motown ShowSun 15th September 2pm5 Children And ItThu 19th September 7pmBla Bla LandFri 20th September 7pmOld Time SailorsSat 21st September 7.30pmRomesh Ranganathan, Suzi Ruffell & Stephen GrantSat 21st September 4.30pmThe Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Game ShowSun 22nd September 2pmEnd Of Summer Party